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    Agile and Analysis Certificates and Badges

    Our business analysis certification was built with the realization that the role of business analysis is changing and becoming more diverse. Just as roles on development teams are becoming less and less defined, a formal, siloed certification program no longer serves the best interest of organizations, students or the constant evolution of skills needed for success. While our program encompasses the breadth of business analysis, the path to certification is now a personalized experience.

    Through the incorporation of badges, individuals and organizations can focus their learning experiences on the specializations that directly benefit their unique role/position. In addition to providing flexibility in your achievements, this analysis certification program is supported by Open Badges. Through Open Badges, student accomplishments can be shared through social media and other digital platforms.

    Earn Badges and Get Certified

    Our program is made up of four certification levels and eight badge specializations. As you progress in your certification journey, you will earn badges towards achieving the higher-level certifications. At the core, we believe all analysts, regardless of their environment, project type, or development approach, should possess the foundational skills covered in our Essential Skills for Business Analysis course. This class has been incorporated into our program at all levels.

    Certification Levels

    1. Agile Analysis Practitioner recognizes an advanced ability to support agile project teams, enable change by defining needs, and ensure valuable solutions.
    2. PO Practitioner recognizes the ability to support agile project teams, enable change by defining needs, and ensure valuable solutions as well as effective management of the product backlog.
    3. BA Associate recognizes an intermediate ability to enable change and ensure valuable solutions.
    4. BA Certified recognizes an advanced ability to enable change and ensure valuable solutions. 




    Badge Specializations

    Each badge was designed to concentrate on an area of competency or specialization. Badge selection should be driven by an individual or organization to address areas of improvement or career development. Think of these as the minors for a degree majoring in analysis. 

     Badges Business Analysis training 

     A few things to know about the badges:

    • Badges can be received independently. They are not contingent on achievement of the certifications listed above.
    • The hours required to receive a badge will vary. The receipt of the badge is based on confirming your knowledge and application of the material, not the hours. Depending on the badge, this may be achieved through a proficiency exam or during class by demonstrating your abilities through intensive workshop activities.
    • Some courses offer a test out option for experienced analysts. Study guides are available for these courses.