Software courses in agile

  • Agile for Executives Training

    This 1-day agile course provides you with an overview of the Agile values, principles and to understand what Agile practices means for you.


    1 day


    Are you an executive wanting better business outcomes? Explore how Agile training can make a real difference to your organisation. This highly interactive agile course provides an overview of Agile values and principles to prepare you for the change that Agile brings. Designed specifically for executives and managers, you will examine the core practices and techniques of Agile development, to understand how a collaborative and iterative approach can be applied and what it can do for your business.

    Learning Outcomes

    • The background and key motivators for adopting Agile across the organisational value stream
    • The core practices and philosophies behind a number of specific Agile approaches
    • The dynamics of an Agile culture within the business and the value this provides
    • How the application of Agile methods can deliver products with an emphasis on quality, cost effectiveness and speed to market


    • Introduction and background
    • The Agile manifesto
    • Modern management theories
    • Many levels of planning
    • Thriving on the edge of chaos
    • Agile beyond IT
    • An Agile SDLC
    • People and communication
    • Leadership
    • Monitoring and reporting
    • Governance
    • The ROI for Agile
    • Failure modes and how to avoid them
    • Some methods
    • An Agile development exercise
    • Where to from here?


    Executives, Managers and leaders who want to understand what Agile practices mean for them and their organisations.



  • Disciplined Agile Data Warehousing (DW) / Business Intelligence (BI) Workshop


    Organizations want to gain the benefits of agile – greater quality, improved stakeholder satisfaction, faster delivery, and higher productivity – for their Data Warehouse (DW)/Business Intelligence (BI) teams. In today's competitive business environment new DW/BI solutions must be delivered in weeks, not months or years. Enhancements must be delivered in hours or days, not weeks or months. These delivery timeframes sound like fanciful thinking for traditional teams but are commonly achieved by teams following Disciplined Agile approaches. The good news is that proven techniques exist for DW/BI practitioners to work in an agile manner. The bad news is that many existing DW/BI practitioners don't know that these techniques exist, or if they do they don't know how to apply them in practice. This workshop introduces these agile DW/BI techniques and shows how they fit together in practice.
    Very often people start with Scrum, but they quickly discover that to make Scrum work for Agile DW/BI it needs to be significantly extended to address the challenges of DW/BI teams. These extensions include initial planning, initial requirements elicitation, initial architecture modeling, agile data modeling throughout construction, continuous database development, and streamlined deployment activities to name a few. The Disciplined Agile 2.0 process decision framework has already done this extension work to address the challenges faced by DW/BI teams. Furthermore, because DA seamlessly supports both Scrum-based and continuous delivery strategies it is suitable for DW/BI teams new to agile as well as experienced teams looking to improve their approach. This workshop teaches you the techniques required to make agile DW/BI teams successful. An important aspect of this workshop is working through a DW/BI-specific case study.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Attendees learn about fundamental agile database techniques that are critical to the success of Agile DW/BI development
    • Attendees learn how to apply Disciplined Agile strategies


    • Fundamentals of DW/BI
    • How to initiate a disciplined agile DW/BI team, with a focus on:
    • Initial requirements modeling
    • Initial architecture modeling
    • Initial planning
    • How disciplined agile DW/BI construction works, with a focus on agile database practices such as:
    • Agile data modeling
    • Agile DW architecture and design strategies
    • Vertical slicing of DW/BI requirements to enable incremental delivery
    • Database regression testing
    • Continuous database integration
    • Database refactoring

    Length : 1 day
    Certification : Disciplined Agilist
    Audience : DW/BI Managers or practitioners: If Agile DW/BI is new to you and if you wish an effective launch of Agile DW/BI, Agile DW/BI practitioners: If you want to take Agile DW/BI to the next level, Senior Business & IT Management: If you want to understand how a disciplined approach to Agile DW/BI works in practice.
    Prerequisites : Taken one of: The Disciplined Agile Experience Workshop, Introduction to Disciplined Agile Workshop, Disciplined Agile in a Nutshell Workshop OR Passed the Certified Disciplined Agilist test OR at least two years of agile software development experience.

  • IndigoCube offers international software courses in agile

    IndigoCube has entered into a partnership with Software Education, a leading provider of training across the entire software development life cycle. In terms of the agreement, IndigoCube will be accredited to offer the full range of Software Education's agile courses.

    Based in Australasia, Software Education has a long history of being at the forefront of developments in agile: it has worked with many of the leading agile experts and has built up its own practice of experts, led by Shane Hastie, himself a recognised leader in the field. Most of its agile courses are certified by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), the global custodian of agile accreditations. Where appropriate, the courses correspond to the ICAgile Learning Roadmap, which is designed to help both organisations and individual developers obtain the right agile skills at every level and across all disciplines.

    "The agile revolution continues as we strive to offer business the software it needs at the right quality and at the right speed. Teaming up with a global leader like Software Education means we can add yet more value to the local software development sector," says Ziaan Hattingh, managing director at IndigoCube. "And because most of Software Education's courses are accredited by ICAgile and are linked to the ICAgile Learning Roadmap, developers who do them can be confident they are building skills that are recognised globally – and deliver real business value."

    "We are excited to be working with the team at IndigoCube," says Software Education's managing director, Martyn Jones. "IndigoCube was introduced to us by ICAgile and we have been impressed with their approach, agile skill set, and commitment to high quality education."

    IndigoCube will be offering the following courses developed by Software Education: Agile Fundamentals, Agile for Executives, Agile Product Ownership, Agile Project Management, Agile Facilitation and Iteration Management, Agile Coaching. Agile Design and Architecture, and Agile Programming Techniques.

    Software Education

    Established in 1990, Software Education is an independent software development company offering training and consultancy services across all sectors of the software development life cycle. SoftEd provides world-class training for software development teams in Australia, NZ, USA, India, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Singapore. SoftEd's mission is to provide customers access to leading-edge content and connect clients with an unrivalled network of international software development experts.

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  • IndigoCube to offer leading international software courses in agile

    Ziaan Hattingh, MD IndigoCube

    IndigoCube has entered into a partnership with Software Education, a leading provider of training across the entire software development life cycle. In terms of the agreement, IndigoCube will be accredited to offer the full range of Software Education's agile courses.