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Digital Automation yields benefits for the company

By Jaco Viljoen, agile consultant, IndigoCube

Automation is a hot topic in digitalisation because it offers the promise of optimising what humans don’t do well, which is repetitive tasks. Human shortcomings in this area are behind many of the poor customer experiences we have all suffered and which destroy brand loyalty.

Lean-Agile and Automation Encapsulated

By Jaco Viljoen, agile consultant at IndigoCube

The trick to successfully digitalising your business is to create a balance in the DevOps teams to eliminate the seesaw pendulum that results from the turf war each half silently wages.

How quality application developers will save you money in the long-run

by Shadreck Mudziwepasi, agile consultant at IndigoCube

It surprises me that so much more attention is often paid to the quality of skills of scrum masters and product owners over those of agile developers when companies go about digitalising their operations.

The daily stand-up is the dynamo that powers agile: here are some ideas to make it work even better.

By Jaco Viljoen

The classic daily stand-up meeting, or daily scrum, takes place every working day at the same time. The lack of seating is designed to keep things short and to the point. The idea is that team members make commitments to each other about what they will achieve that day, the team is alerted to potential challenges—and solutions can be sought.


“digital” refers to the application of digital technology

By Jaco Viljoen

Many companies don’t really understand what “digital” actually means—or, more importantly, what capabilities they need to prosper in a digital economy. In this first of a series of articles on digital, we build an understanding of what digital means to your business, says Jaco Viljoen.

By Jaco Viljoen, Joseph Postman and Kennedy Mothibi

It seems like this should be an easy question to answer, but in fact it’s surprisingly difficult.

Much of the focus in the Agile world is on the Scrum Master; only now are we starting to see more energy spent on coming to grips with the equally important role of Product Owner. The Product Owner is typically seen as the person within the business who “owns” the software project, who defines the vision and sets the road map.

Jaco Viljoen, Principal Consultant

CEOs are starting to realise that the markets in which their companies operate are changing at an accelerating pace. What worked 10 years ago just doesn’t work anymore. Customers are becoming increasingly demanding and their demands are changing constantly – driven by technology adoption in the consumer market.

Jaco Viljoen, Principal Consultant

In my previous blog, I argued that scrum and agile should not be confused, and that scrum was just the first step in shifting to an agile mindset with its emphasis on quality software in line with business needs delivered more quickly. But, of course, the process of development doesn’t happen in isolation; the new app or piece of software also has to be introduced into the production environment as well.

Jaco Viljoen, Principal Consultant

In a previous blog, ‘Agile: Mindset before methodology’, I made the point that agile is first and foremost a mindset, and should not be thought of as a methodology that can be followed—although, of course, there are many methodologies or techniques that have been developed to help put agile into practice.

Jaco Viljoen, Principal Consultant

Agile: Mindset before methodology

Don’t think you can just learn agile on a course. Agile is a mindset first and foremost, not a set of procedures.