There’s a lot going on in the industry and our company, and staying on top of SDLC news can be hard. These are our articles we thought you might find most interesting and our latest announcements from IndigoCube.

Articles will cover anything from Business Analysis, DevOps, Agile, Cyber Security to our Partnerships in/on various publications such as ITWeb, mybroadband, modernanalyst, brainstorm magazine, Technews and more!

Cyber security is smarter now so there's no excuse

05-02-2018 Hits:49 Security

Deep threat intelligence from the dark Web, in real-time, combined with reputational data, gets the most comprehensive information on the threat landscape by Tallen Harmsen, head of IndigoCube Cyber Security. Office 365...

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Cyber security is smarter now

05-02-2018 Hits:51 Security

Office 365 missed nearly 1-million spam, phishing, and other e-mails. It contained malware of 10-million e-mails verified in September. By Tallen Harmsen, head of IndigoCube Cyber SecurityOf that number, the story...

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Using cyber intelligence to catch cybercriminals

19-01-2018 Hits:47 Security

The likelihood of cyber attackers plundering your vaults is already vast and growing daily. by Tallen Harmsen, head of IndigoCube Cyber Security The story of a local bank being taken for R300 million...

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First step to mature digital enterprise

18-01-2018 Hits:115 DevOps

Ceasefire between dev and ops for a digital enterprise by Jaco Viljoen, Principal consultant for Digital Enterprise In my previous three articles, I covered what the digital enterprise actually is (because it...

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Using cyber intelligence

18-01-2018 Hits:98 Security

Cyber intelligence to find the bad guys quicker and faster by Tallen Harmsen, Head of Cyber Security  Don't think the police will help you find, let alone catch, cyber criminals if they...

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Automation: One of the keys to becoming a digital enterprise

17-10-2017 Hits:141 DevOps

Automation, one of the keys to superior service by Jaco Viljoen, Principal Agile Consultant In today's customer-centric business environment, automation is seen to be one of the keys to delivering superior service...

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Lean-Agile is the digital enterprise’s skeleton and nervous system

23-08-2017 Hits:568 DevOps

To become a truly digital enterprise, organisations have to find ways of allowing the principles of software development to influence the business process architecture of the organisation as a whole...

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Does your company have what it takes to be a digital enterprise?

20-07-2017 Hits:698 DevOps

Many companies don't really understand what "digital" actually means – or, more importantly, what capabilities they need to prosper in a digital economy. In this first of a series of...

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Time to move to a 'product paradigm'?

01-06-2017 Hits:691 DevOps

It is time for software development to move from its long-standing "project paradigm" to something much closer to how business actually works. In the process, the venerable project management office...

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You Have Got to Be Lazy to Be an Effective Business Analyst

03-04-2017 Hits:1301 Business Analyst

Before I get into trouble with the title, let me qualify the word lazy. In my mind, lazy has both a positive and negative connotation.Negative: - Avoid all work where...

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Ten tips for application security

17-02-2017 Hits:856 Security

by Godfrey Kutumela, leader of the cyber crime and security division. Business and society are increasingly application-driven, so application security is in everybody's interest. (Many of these principles, by the way, are...

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Making the business case for DevOps

03-02-2017 Hits:938 DevOps

by Jaco Viljoen, Manager Consulting and Training DevOps is not about making IT easier or more efficient; it stands or falls on how well it helps the whole organisation win, says Jaco...

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Safeguarding the crown jewels

03-02-2017 Hits:955 Security

By Godfrey Kutumela, leader of the cyber crime and security division at IndigoCube. Enterprise resource planning applications are central to any application portfolio and should be protected at all costs. Whether it's called...

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App development: Build secure

17-10-2016 Hits:842 Security

by Godfrey Kutumela, leader of the cyber crime and security division Security needs to be integrated into the way apps are developed. Here's how. In my previous Industry Insight on the security challenges...

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