Introduction to Cyber Security

IndigoCube provides Intelligent, Innovative security solutions that help organisation proactively protect their critical information, brands and reputation whilst delivering operational efficiency through skilled resources, services and best of breed technologies.

IndigoCube Cyber Security Product Brief

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The IndigoCube Cyber Security Portfolio is partitioned into four areas:

  • Security Intelligence
  • Information Risk and Protection
  • Management and Orchestration
  • Security Professional Service

Each partition contains Cyber Security profiles that group the solutions by their features and functions.

Security Intelligence

Vulnerability Analytics

The Vulnerability Analytics profile groups solutions that assess, analyse, prioritise and visualise the vulnerabilities detected within organisations insuring that all resources and tools are utilised efficiently with-in the vulnerability management process.

End Point Security Analytics

The End Point Security Analytics profile groups solutions that assess, analyse, prioritise and visualise the threats detected and blocked on the end point devices for root cause analysis and proactive threat prevention.

Security Intelligence & Analytics

The Security Intelligence & Analytics profile groups solutions that assess, analyse, detect and visualise unknown threats within the organisation through the ingestion of threat intelligence and security event data for proactive threat detection and prevention.

Cyber Threat Analysis

Assist’s organizations accelerate the data to decision process by enabling them to perform analysis and advanced analytics at scale and with critical speed. Threat Analysis can help organisations turn massive amounts of data into actionable insight in near real time to support timely decision-making.

Threat Hunting

A human-led service offering that enriches your existing security measures with contextual insights gained from external and internal data sources. With cyber threat hunting, you quickly identify, disrupt and mitigate breaches by uncovering critical insights unseen by traditional defences.

Information Risk and Protection

End Point Protection

The End Point Protection profile groups the solutions that protect the end points, such as laptops, desktops and servers, from advanced threats.

Data Protection

The Data Protection profile groups solutions that provides protection for an organisations critical and sensitive data.

Social Engineering & Anti-Phishing Testing

The Social Engineering & Anti-Phishing profile groups the solutions and services that assesses an organisations risk to social engineering and phishing attacks.

Configuration Compliance Management

The Configuration Compliance Management profile groups solutions that provide protection for an organisations network devices and systems through the governance of system configurations.

Privileged Access Management

The Privileged Access Management profile groups solutions that protect, govern and monitor the organisations privileged accounts.

Application Security & Threat Assessment

The Application Security Threat Assessment groups solutions and services that assesses an organisations risk to cyber-attacks and advanced threats throughout the SDLC process.

Management and Orchestration

Real-time monitoring, control and policy based remediation of managed, unmanaged and non-traditional devices.